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At Gaskill Strategies, we value all things community.  We work with organizations that are community-minded and that want to make our city a better place.  Here, we'd like to focus on the people, places and things that are improving and inspiring our world.

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Happy Friday!

We hope you have a good weekend.   And if your weekend hasn’t quite started yet, catch up on a little reading from around the web. Who knows, you might learn something! Traveling down south? Put a dent on this eating to-do list. We hope this never happens to you, but read 5 signs your fundraising is headed downhill Read this if you work from home , or want to. Whatever you do, don’t say these words today. A link to more links Read More
Posted by John Gaskill at Friday, August 30, 2013

Collaborative giving is where the heart is

GiVE 365 is an amazing organization that allows people to give in a big way. The idea is simple: give one dollar a day.  Your one dollar a day is pooled with contributions from other members in a collaborative fund. Each year, grant themes are suggested and voted on by members. (This year's theme: Home is Where the Heart Is . Meaning, how are organizations making neighborhoods more vibrant, livable and secure?) Then, submitted grants are reviewed, presented and voted on by members.... Read More
Posted by John Gaskill at Thursday, August 29, 2013

Friday Inspiration: Transforming your dreams for a bigger purpose

This article serves as a great reminder that perspective is everything! Even though our dreams may not exactly resemble what we envisioned, pursuing them using our talents can make quite the impact.  “So much of our education in the arts is focused on artistry as a product to be sold in the marketplace. I think we also need to teach young artists that part of their responsibility is to share the process with others. Instead of seeing themselves as special and separate from... Read More
Posted by John Gaskill at Friday, August 2, 2013