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Buy The Bridge

You may have already spotted them around town, but we are excited to announce that Memphis now has a student-run newspaper dedicated to raising awareness about poverty and giving our city’s homeless population a voice.

It’s called The Bridge, and it’s launched by students at Rhodes College. What makes this newspaper special is that it features articles, art and photography contributed by the Memphis homeless. These homeless men and women, as well as anyone who has previously been homeless, can sign up to be a “certified vendor” to sell these newspapers on the street for only $1. The vendors keep 100 percent of the proceeds.  

The purpose is to not only give these people a source of income, but also to help them feel like they are a part of something. It allows them to feel like a productive member of the Memphis community and a member of society as a whole. It is also a great way to share their stories with their fellow Memphians.  

These certified vendors can be identified by special badges around their necks.  So be on the lookout, and buy the latest issue of The Bridge. Public support of this initiative will ensure that this newspaper can continue to run in order to fight the battle against homelessness.

For more information, check out their website.

Posted by John Gaskill at 3:20 PM