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GrizzNation, we have a new leader: Dave Joerger

The former assistant coach will now act as head coach of our beloved Memphis Grizzlies.  

Around here we bleed blue and gold. Of course we love them for the players, the heart attack-inducing games and the Grizzlies Grannies and Grandpas, but why we’re really crazy about them is because they make our home a team.  

Black, white, rich or poor, all labels go out the door when the Grizz are playing. We’ve had the Chicks, the RiverKings, the Maniax (ha, remember XFL?) and the Redbirds, but no other team has been able to put a tangible excitement in Memphis like the Grizzlies. Not even close.  

When game 4 was lost to the Spurs, hearts broke in unison, but not our spirit. As the buzzer sounded there was a moment of quiet, but then GrizzNation stood up and filled the Forum with a roar of support and pride.    

Who would have thought a team that arrived from Canada 12 years ago could have had such an impact on our city?   We are excited to see what this new chapter will bring and welcome Coach Joerger to his new role!  

Go Grizz!  

Read more about Coach Joerger here.

Posted by John Gaskill at 9:46 AM