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Kroger supports BRIDGES with a $50,000 donation!

We are excited about the new partnership between Kroger and BRIDGES! 

Kroger at Poplar Plaza wants to be part of the solution when it comes to youth violence in Memphis. 

In September, the grocery store found itself at the center of a violent youth mob. Several young men and women from Memphis came tearing through the parking lot and attacked four people. It sparked outrage across the city. Since then city leaders and Memphis citizens have come together to stop the violence.

"We love Memphis," Kroger's Teresa Dickerson said. "We're here to support the city. We're here to support our young people, and we're here to just be a part of the community that we call home as well."

To try and achieve that goal, Kroger donated $50,000 to Bridges USA. That's an organization in Memphis that works to inspire young people to become leaders committed to improving their hometowns. Ninth grader Bennett Matson is one of those bridge builders.

"Bridges is just an awesome leadership program that unites student leaders from all over Memphis to come and work together toward a common goal of making Memphis a better place for everyone," Matson said.

Memphis' Director of Youth Services, James Nelson, says businesses that prosper in the city need to give back to the city. He says what Kroger is doing is the type of business leadership Memphis needs more of.

"As we speak, there is a plan in place to ask each of the corporations in our city," Nelson said. "We want to make sure that they're invested in our young people as well."

Kroger has vowed to be part of Bridges USA for at least three years. They hope the donation will allow more youth in the city to participate and grow in the program.


Posted by Linden Wilson at 10:46 AM