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At Gaskill Strategies, we value all things community.  We work with organizations that are community-minded and that want to make our city a better place.  Here, we'd like to focus on the people, places and things that are improving and inspiring our world.

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Melissa Wolowicz making Memphis better

In our work, we're lucky to come into contact with so many amazing people. Recently, our friend and new Vice President of Development at BRIDGES, Melissa Wolowicz, was featured in The Daily News for her commitment to helping people in Memphis (and beyond). 

Melissa's entire career has been driven by her need to make significant differences in her community. “I just wanted to have a bigger impact, and I had a hard time not bringing that home with me. Instead of helping one homeless person at a time, I’d much rather look at policy issues around how to end homelessness," she says.

At BRIDGES, she's raising funds for youth empowerment so that young adults can feel confident in their abilities to make change in their communities and advocate for social justice.

You're doing great work, Melissa!

Check out the entire article here.

Posted by John Gaskill at 11:00 AM