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Move over millenials - GenX is far from finished!

Millenials play an important role in so much of the good stuff taking place in our city and our country and our world right now. But MAYBE - after reading ANOTHER study or statistic about millenials - you find yourself  wondering where GenX and even Baby Boomers fit in to all this.

The short answer is WE'RE NOT DEAD YET!

Check out this post from the Nonprofit with Balls blog and you'll be reminded that GenX and yes, even Boomers, are still living, leading and giving in big ways in our society. 

If you've never read anything by blogger Vu Le, start now. (Also, there's a rant about double-spacing after periods that John loves almost as much as arguing about the Oxford comma. So there's that.)

Posted by John Gaskill at 4:14 PM